Here are some various


Non-X-Files BUT "nifty" all the same!
Pictures that you may want to add to your page(s).
Feel free, take whatever you'd like!

A Monty Python Image
Scully's ID Card
Scully's Clip-On FBI ID card
Scully's stuff
An "X" in Mulder's window.
Scully, placing an "X" in Mulders's window to summon..."X"!
Scully's grave stone from One Breath
I Want To Believe Poster from X-Files Office
From Outer Space Jose Chung's Book!
A Bleepin' Alien!
Batting! Mulder teaches Scully how to bat, from Field of Dreams!
Newsletter The Lone Gunman Newsletter
MUST SEE! A special "greeting" from Scully and Mulder! From Blooper Reel
Cool B&W pic!Scully and Mulder, in a graveyard, lightning in distance
The Springfield Files! From The Simpsons-X-Files episode
The Springfield Files II Another one from the ep.
X-Files/Simpsons crossover ep. pic.
X-Files A nice background for your page or desktop wallpaper
Scully and Mulder very nice B&W pic, Scully in FOREGROUND for a change!
Our heros in body armour
BLOW JOB! From the Season 1 blooper reel. Scully pretends to give Mulder a blow job!
From MAX Blooper-someone makes a "bunny" in the light!

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